I have many friends in the wedding industry and  of those most being wedding photographers and recently a few have asked me what this powder is under the eyes and around the face on the evening photos where flash has been used???  confused and pondering how this can be edited for the bride and groom.

This is flashback and it is a basic and fundamental mistake that keeps happening as more and more inexperienced and unqualified Makeup Artists are flooding the industry.

The offending product in this is HD Powder and the repeat offender is MUFE (Makeup Forever) HD Powder a product that is 100% Silica powder and when this powder is mixed with flash you get the tell tale signs it has been used (see the images on this blog).  HD Powder is used wrongly to set the makeup and with the trend for baking and cooking the concealer and base it seems to be a current trend that is both detrimental to your photos especially the photos taken in the evening and indoors as more often than not the photographer has to use flash.

I say this all the time when the wedding is over and it is all but a distant memory the only thing you have to look back on the day is those photos but if the photos have a ghosting of white powder under the eye or if the MUA has attempted to contour these will either remain on the photo or the photographer will have to look to photoshop heavily to try and combat this….  is this really what you want for your memories to look back on?

There are too many MUAs now either being self taught via You tube or they are going onto crash courses and they are not being taught the basics that a college course will teach you.

Take time to research your chosen Makeup Artist, check out his/her images, look at her recommendations and most importantly is he/she qualified and how long has he/she been doing bridal makeup.

Its your big day, the single most important day of your life………………….  do your research don’t let this happen to your wedding photos.