For several years I have been known for my use of Airbrush Makeup and when it comes to a brides big day, it really is the BEST makeup.

I have tried several foundations and nothing compares to the longevity that Airbase Makeup gives me.  Why is it so special for brides for their big day?

Airbase Foundation is Silicone based and silicone is waterproof and heatproof, the two things brides do is cry and sweat a bit more in a big dress, and through all this when the makeup is applied in the morning they want to know that it will last them all day without the need for constant touch-ups.

If you refer to a previous blog of mine about flashback you will never get flashback with Airbase Airbrush Makeup, it looks amazing on photos and photographers love it because it makes their job that bit easier because it negates the need for too much photoshop.

Another amazing thing that Airbase offers is choice the product can go from a light base like a tinted moisturiser right through to a heavy full coverage foundation.  It can cover skin complaints like Rosecea, Acne Scaring, thread veins and even tattoos without the heavy cakiness from full coverage makeup.  It really is that good and my testimonials both on my website and my facebook page will confirm that my brides from the past agree.

If you are considering booking me for your wedding then get in touch for more information.