So many brides to be are told that their makeup should be natural, that it should be muted tones and colours?  I disagree….

What I mean is making a statement with your look, and one of my favourite elegant styles a bride can do in my opinion is feature a nice bright  lip in their overall look.

Many times brides come to me at trial, showing me images on their Pintrest boards and it tends to feature a nude lip or a pink nude, now I love a nude lip as much as the next person but if you are a red, pink, orange or coral lip wearer day to day and the hubby to be knows you to look this way, then I say go for it.

There is nothing more chic than seeing a bride in a wonderful ivory gown with a simple eye and a pop of colour on their lip, its a beautiful contrast against the gown’s colour.

A few rules when opting for a strong lip on your wedding day:

  •  Do you day to day wear colour and does your husband to be see you wearing a strong lip, if not maybe steer clear.
  •  Considering a red lip, there is a red lip for everyone.  I personally suit darker toned red that are more berry in shade, but you are best looking around and visiting the counters because after-all you will need a lipstick to top up through the wedding day.
  • Good lip care before the big day, this means making sure they are not dry, cracked and chapped, my big tip is for you to get exfoliating those lips and a simple way is to purchase a soft toothbrush or child’s toothbrush and with a product like Dr Paw Paw (its wonderful so much nicer than Vaseline) every couple of days use a small amount of Dr Paw Paw, brush away all the dead skin using a gentle circular motion.  Carry a lip-salve in your handbag and make sure you apply throughout the day.

Some of my favourite lipsticks and lip colours:

Lime Crime – Velvets range – they are matte colours so good hydrated lips are a must with these but the staying power is amazing up to 8 hours.  Red and pink velvet are my go to shades.

MAC – Ruby Woo or Russian Red, so very similar in shade but both so classic

Love Honour and be True – Love Story – its a blue under-toned red shade but its soft in tone so for those not wanting to do the statement lip but not as vibrant then this could be the shade for you.

Love Honour and be True – Blushing bride – Another from this wonderful Cheshire based company, this shade is truly gorgeous its a coral pink tone and it looks so chic on anyone I put it on.  Definitely a nice lip colour very bridal friendly.

Bourjois Silk Editions – I love these semi matte but slightly silky lip colours.  I love Grand Cru a deep red, but I personally have every colour of these in my own makeup bag, as I like to daily play with colour.

I think what I am trying to say is play with your look, and play with your style on the day, a lip colour is a style that will never date and classic reds, coral and even pinks will be something you can look back on in years to come and the image will still be chic and timeless.